Channel vs. Spend Mapping

How the channel mapping can affect your spend mapping

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Our channel mapping is the perfect tool for grouping your incoming traffic in the most fitting structure for your organization.

You can group campaigns in bigger clusters or break clusters to show campaigns as they flow in naturally.

But how does the channel mapping affect your spend mapping?

Our spend mapper picks up whatever campaigns are shown in Adtriba. And of course it picks up the structure you determined via your channel mapping for your Adtriba campaigns.

This provides you with an even greater flexibility and leverage to match the right funnel campaigns to the matching Adtriba campaigns or campaign clusters.

But this flexibility comes wit a price - once you mapped campaigns in the spend mapper you need to think about the effect your changes could have on your already mapped campaigns in the spend mapper.


Status quo channel mapping:

All campaigns who have summer2019 in their campaign parameter should be clustered under campaign= Global_summer2019

Status quo spend mapping:
Funnelcampaign xyz ----> Global_summer2019

Funnelcampaign abc ----> Global_summer2019

Later on you decide to remove the rule which clusters all campaigns who have summer 2019 in their campaign parameter.

In this case you'll end up with several single campaigns as instead of only global_summer2019

This will effect the spend mapping and all connections between funnel campaigns which have been matched to Global_summer2019 Adtriba campaigns. For this campaigns the connection won't be valid anymore and the former mapped campaigns will return to an unmapped status.

Hence please think about the effects your channel mapping could have on your spend mapping before saving it.

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