Automated Spend Mapping

How does the automated spend mapping works?

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Mapping your spend is a lot of work! Not only once but ongoing- we hear you! That's why we came up with the auto mapping feature of your dreams.

What is auto mapping and why is it needed?

The underlying issue to the whole mapping of costs is the (sometimes) inconsistent naming convention of campaigns between ad platforms and tracking parameter, which are used in Adtriba. Hence we do not know in a lot of cases where costs from ad platform campaign A should actually go when taking a look at the Adtriba campaigns.

Thus we needed some input from your end to find the right pairs in your campaigns.

But good news - with the new auto mapping we find those pairs on our own by taking similarities in the campaign names, ad platform names and country identifier in consideration to find your perfect cost campaign matches.

On what basis does the auto mapping work?

  • Campaign name is exactly same and there is only one match on both sides

  • Campaign name is exactly same and the connection/project names are similar e.g.

campaign: Summer Sale 2021

data source (connection name): Brand DE GoogleAds


campaign: summer sale 2021

multiple projects: Brand DE, MyBrand Global

The Adtriba campaign with project "Brand DE" would be auto mapped as it is more similar towards "Brand DE GoogleAds" than "MyBrand Global"

What do I need to mind if I want to improve auto mapping

  • Use country prefixes in your campiagn names like DE_summer2019_brand

  • Use a naming convention which will use the same campaign names across the ad platforms and your tracking parameters

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