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Split reports by new and returning customer types
Split reports by new and returning customer types
Written by Daniel Salfrán
Updated over a week ago

It is possible to filter your performance report in the dashboard in new and returning customer types based on your CRM data.

How do I get this feature enabled

In short: we need the information on what conversion ids are from returning customers.

Option 1: Using the Data Exchange

This way the customer can deliver backend data to our S3 infrastructure. The delivered files must follow these guidelines:

  1. Files must be delivered to the path:

  2. Valid formats are parquet, csv, or json

  3. Data must be ready before 1:00 am.

  4. The delivered information can be lagging the tracking for a maximum period of 72 hours. This means it's ok to deliver today the customer type of a conversion from three days ago.

  5. The schema of the file is:

Column name




Optional column. If the conversion id is not in the file it's assumed to be "new"


Either this column is provided or the next two


Optional if project_name is set


Optional if project_name is set

Option 2: Sending the customer type when the conversion snippet is triggered

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