We want you to make the most out of your data and the results Adtriba provides on a daily level. As a first step you should make sure that the 'new' Adtriba metrics are used and distributed equally along all stakeholders. 

The successful distribution of new metrics is based on three main pillars:

  1. Make the results easy accessible for all stakeholders 
  2. Replace your 'old' performance metrics with the Adtriba metrics 
  3. Create trust for the new metrics 

Make results accessible for the right people

To do that you must be aware where the Adtriba results are needed the most to have an impact. Normally this is in your online marketing team. In this case you should ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Where do my marketing managers check the performance of their campaigns?
  • What numbers do they use to report the performance?
  • What tool do they use to create their reports? 

Let's tackle each question 1-by-1 

Where do my marketing managers check the performance of their campaigns?

Normally your marketing managers use their campaign-management tool to review the performance of their channel or campaigns. For them it's just the shortest way from seeing the numbers to adjust the bidding.
To make it now as comfortable as possible for them to use the Adtriba metrics for their performance evaluation, we recommend to push your Adtriba conversions to as many of your 3rd Party tools as possible. We know it's not always possible, but still, just ask your account manager or get in direct contact with your 3rd party platforms. In our experience the platforms are more and more willing to open up towards the import of fractional conversions even though it's only for reporting purposes. If your platform needs a special parameter to accept the conversions, don't hesitate to contact us via: support@adtriba.com and we'll try our best to get it done. 

GOOD TO KNOW: Adtriba offers a native conversion export to Google Ads
By using the export your marketers can use the Adtriba conversions for the reporting in the Google Ads interface as well as for the automated bidding. 

What numbers do your marketers use to report the performance?

From having the right metrics in the right spot for your marketers (1) it's only a small step to get them to use those metrics. The main task here is to create trust for the new numbers. In our experience you can create trust by: 

  • Teach your marketers about the Adtriba methodology
  • Show your marketers how their channel is going to change by using the potential analysis 
  • Clarify the overall goal - Optimizing your marketing as a whole, even it means 'losing' spends or shifting budgets

Using the new metrics should be lived top down. Hence in all meetings there is only one 'truth' which will be reported. The first month you can go with the old and new KPIs but we always recommend a hard cut.

What tool is internally used to pull reports? 

In many organizations the reporting is centralized via a dashboarding solution such as: Datastudio, Tableau, Power BI aso. 

The solutions works mostly with a central datasource such as your datawarehouse or database. 

To provide an easy and fast access to the Adtrba data for your reporting we want to encourage you to use the Adtriba Customer Journey export to pull all of Adtribas metrics into your datawarehouse and make them accessible via your dashboard solutions.


If your dashboarding Tool has a native postgreSQL connector just pull the data directly from our server into your solution. Click here for Datastudio example.

Both ways guarantee an easy access for everyone who needs to set up or maintain their reporting.

Another benefit is the matching of the Adtriba data with your CRM data to run complex analysis and make it even more useful for your marketing steering. 

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