Our uttermost desire is to provide our clients an easy access to their optimization potential. Hence our core feature of the Adtriba UI is the Performance Report.

In this Report you can do basically 2 things: 

  1. See what channel / source / campaign was the most under- or overvalued in comparison to your rule based attribution model. 

2. Analyse the performance of your channel / source / campaign using the dynamic or CLV attribution

For now we want to focus on (1) to explain how to use the 'Conversion Delta %` in your performance report.

The conversion delta tells you basically where you have the most potential to optimize your marketing.

Let's assume you want to run a growth strategy and you are constantly on the hunt for potential campaigns and channels to spend more money on without losing any performance. 

In this case you would look after channels / sources / campaigns who've been massively undervalued in comparison to your 'old' rule based (last click) model. 

How to use this information in steering will be part of How to use Adtriba - Part III

From our experience trust is a key factor when it comes to the adaption of new KPIs and metrics. Hence we would recommend to use the 'conversion delta%'  to evangelize the Adtriba metrics through out all stakeholders. By showing them how their 'world' is going to change considering the new metric is a real trust booster. Everyone can be prepared upfront, avoiding anxiety and mistrust.

It's highly recommended to not only analyze the potential on channel level, but to dig deeper. The power of the potential is usually hidden on the granular levels of your channel and need to be revealed. Even though the most tactical level for your steering is the campaign level. 

Continue to How to use Adtriba - Part III to learn how to put your findings into action on a daily business. 

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