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See why mobile App Attribution is essential for the success of your mobile ad campaigns.

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In order to identify the full marketing potential, attribution is becoming more and more important for mobile app marketing, as it already is for the world of web. Mobile app attribution is relevant for all those who are running an app and are promoting it with an appropriate marketing budget.

Mobile app attribution means assigning conversion events to the responsible advertising measures related to the mobile app. The aim is to find out how much incremental share each individual touchpoint has on specific events, such as app installations or transactions. In this way, mobile marketers gain precise insights about which mobile ads pay off and which do not.

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How does Adtriba measure traffic within a mobile app?

Tracking within an app is very different from tracking on a website. In apps you need a so called Software Development Kit (SDKs) to capture traffic. The coding of SDKs is very complex and specific, so Adtriba does not provide its own SDK. Nevertheless, to include mobile app touchpoint in Adtribas MTA we partnered with the most popular app tracking solutions such as Adjust ans Appsflyer. By importing the touchpoint information from our partners into Adtriba we get all the information we need to run an MTA on your marketing touchpoints.

How do I integrate my app solution with Adtriba?

How does Adtriba include app traffic in the attribution?

All mobile app campaign information is normally included in the Adtriba Multi-Touch Attribution and is shown as a separate channel in all reports. The mobile app installs run in a separated conversion event and attribution model - which can be selected separately in the performance reporting.

What do I need to consider for mobile app integration?

Merging web and app Customer Journeys is not possible without further effort. This is because Adtriba cannot set or get a cookie from your app users. Thus we do not have enough information to match a user from the app with a user from the web. By transmitting a hashed user ID on all platforms, a user match is still possible.

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